Blind Filter (Backflush)

R 31,92


Brewtool Frothing Jug 1000ml

R 254,22

Brewtool Frothing Jug 1000ml

Brewtool Frothing Jug 600ml

R 239,40

Brewtool Frothing Jug 600ML

Brewtool Tampers

R 592,80

Brewtool Tampers - 58mm

Cleaning / Descale

R 315,82

Urnex Dezcal 1Kg

Hario Combo

R 1100,00

1 x Hario Buono Kettle 600ml 1 x Coffee Dripper - 2 Cup 1 ...

Beans, Grinds or Espresso Grind


R 434,23

Brewtool Plastic Round

Rekrow Butane Burner

R 800,00

The Rekrow RK4203 burner is ideal for syphon coffee or as a ...

Rekrow Butane Burner & Stand

R 1150,00

- Burns pure butane gas (must be purchased separately) - ...

Rekrow Butane Burner Stand

R 400,00

Compact size, safe and convenient Lightweight Design and ...

Tamping Mat

R 361,61