Hario MSCS-2TB Coffee Grinder

R 660,00

Grinds 100g

Hario MM-2 Coffee Grinder

R 989,00

Grinds 24g

Hario EVCG-8B

R 3887,00

Grinds up to 240g

Bialetti Coffee Grinder - Red or Black

R 750,00

+ FREE 500g Coffee Excellence Brazil Santos Beans + FREE ...

Red or Black

60g Brewtool Coffee Grinder + Brazil Santos

R 599,00

This little piece of equipment is a wonderfull tool in ...

60g Brewtool Coffee Grinder

R 620,00

Features: - Dimensions: 190mm x 190mm x 100mm - Fragile, ...

150w Electric Burr Coffee Bean Grinder

R 1600,00

150W Electric Burr Coffee Bean Grinder - 1L Bean Capacity