500g Pink Bourbon - Natural Cold

R 540,00

Grown 1730 masl on the farm Monteblanco with a Lime, Peach, ...

500g Striped Bourbon - Natural Acetic

R 563,00

An aroma of Floral, Tropical Fruits, Cinnamon, Vanilla with ...

500g Tabi - Natural Hydro Honey

R 470,00

An aroma of Roasted Almonds, Dark Chocolates, Whiskey Cream ...

500g Washed Mint - Purple Caturra

R 299,00

Grown 1730 masl with a Peppermint, Black Pepper Cacao & ...

500g Washed Passion Fruit - Purple Caturra

R 299,00

Grown 1730 masl with a Passion Fruit, Caramel & Cacao & ...

500g Washed Pineapple - Purple Caturra

R 299,00

Grown 1.730 masl with an aroma of Pineapple, Banana & ...

Purple Caturra - Trio Box

R 800,00

Includes: 1 x 500g Washed Pineapple 1 x 500g Washed ...

Wush Wush - Honey Carbonic Macerated

R 510,00

Farmed by Sebastian Ramirez on Finca El Placer, located ...


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